If you’re like us, you probably starting seeing the name “RaEdge” popping up all over the place late last year. We were seeing t-shirts and Facebook posts and unknowingly, before we knew it, we were familiar with the brand before we really knew what exactly it is that RaEdge does.

Here’s what we found out:

RaEdge Custom Motorcycle Paint Shop has a business model that is unlike any we have heard about in the past. The company invited some of the top painters in the country to join their team and collaborate on some of the sickest projects for top builders all over the world. Their services are not limited to professional builders, but they do cater to them by offering to schedule a pick up and delivery service with guaranteed completion dates. Wait. What?! Yes, you read that correctly.

Builders like John Shope of Dirty Bird Concepts and Scott Owens of Insane Asylum (just to name a couple) have already secured their spots with RaEdge and have been given award-winning paint jobs in return.

RaEdge logo word png

We can’t wait to bring you more behind the scenes info about the latest RaEdge projects and help you get to know the RaEdge team through the show and our online outlets.

Stay tuned for great things from Wide Open Radio – brought to you by RaEdge!

In the meantime, enjoy these teaser photos from their portfolio…