Most of us love the look and sound of the Python Rayzer 2 into 1 Exhaust, however, it is a known issue that the exhaust tip does not quite reach far enough, causing a black mess on the bike’s right saddlebag and side cover. After hearing customers talk about this consistently and seeing the discussions in forums online, Kory Souza of Kory Souza Originals decided to solve the problem.

Python Rayzer Exhaust BlackPython Rayzer Exhaust Chrome

Kory designed and developed an aftermarket tip, specifically for the Python Rayzer Exhaust that is slightly lengthened and angled to compliment stretched saddlebags. The center is milled on the inside all the way back to the mounting area to reduce weight. The aftermarket piece bolts right on to your Python Rayzer 2 into 1 exhaust, using your existing hardware. This KSO product can be purchased in raw or shiny black finish and can be special-ordered in matte black or chrome finish.

KSO Exhaust Tip Python Razor 2

KSO Exhaust Tip Python Razor 7 KSO Exhaust Tip Python Razor 5 KSO Exhaust Tip Python Razor 6

The KSO Exhaust Tip for Python Rayzer 2 into 1 Exhaust Systems is reasonably priced at an introductory rate of just $149.99 + shipping for raw finish and $189.99 + shipping for shiny black finish. Matte black and chrome can be special-ordered for an additional charge. Introductory rates are offered to dealers and customers for a limited time only.

Below are photos of the black mess left as a result of the stock pipe and tip. Notice the black residue build-up on the front of the saddlebag just behind the exhaust tip. These photos show the same problem with stock or stretched bags. We LOVE the Python Rayzer exhaust, but we also LOVE that there is now a solution on the market for this problem.

Python Rayzer Stock 2 Python Rayzer Stock Tip 1 Python Rayzer Stock 5


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