Hey Guys! We just wrapped up an awesome episode of Wide Open Radio tonight. We took live calls from listeners, Dave and I chatted a bit about outsourcing part manufacturing to other countries, 26″ tires, Jared from Subway, we told a couple jokes… Oh yeah, and we did a recap of SEMA and Lone Star Rally. We also discussed the future of Wide Open Radio and y’all, it’s HUGE! (that was in my best Donald Trump voice, in case you couldn’t tell)

It was nice to take a break from our usual format of having a scheduled guest. It gave Dave and I a chance to interact more and go deeper into our conversations. Let us know what you thought about tonight’s show by commenting below, sending us a Facebook message, or EMAIL us.

Next week’s guest is Coby Klein of Speed By Design so be sure to tune in Thursday November 19 at 7pm Eastern. *Note the time change*

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