On the latest episode of Wide Open Radio, Coby Klein of Speed By Design opens up about his past in the boating world and how he wandered into the motorcycle industry and took it by the horns. Courtney and Dave talk with Coby and the rise of Speed By Design, the principals of his company and the logic behind the products they make.

I can attest to the quality of Coby’s parts first hand. I mentioned on the show how frequently we use Speed By Design products at Kory Souza Originals – and this is not only because they are parts that we know are top notch and will arrive in a timely manner – it is also because the customer service is a step above the rest. I actually look forward to receiving shipments from SBD because the packaging itself is a science in itself. (Y’all know how important a well-packaged product can be!)

SBD Back to Back

During our interview, we talk about a new feature on the Speed By Design website called the DTR Builder, which stands for Dream To Reality. Coby asked Dave and I to go on his site before the show and check out this new feature. Without checking with each other to set this up, Dave and I both happened to build our own custom big wheel bagger using the DTR program – which allows you to virtually build a custom motorcycle all from your computer! Users can choose everything from the model of motorcycle to the paint colors, handlebars, floorboards, wheels, rotors, calipers, bags, fenders, side covers… if you can dream it, you can build it on the Speed By Design website!

Check out the DTR Builder HERE

Here are the custom baggers Dave and I built, using the DTR Builder:

WOR SBD DTR Road KingWOR SBD Courtney's Bike

Can you guess which bike is Dave’s and which is Courtney’s? Listen to the show to find out!

Also during this episode, we talk about Speed By Design’s newest parts including the Mack Daddy Rear End, Loud Daddy Lids, Big Daddy Tank Kit, Solo Side Covers, Super Fly Head Light Nacelle and… drum roll please… the new SBD Mini Center Stand, for you guys who have an 09 to current bike and want to get REAL low.

Check out the entire line of SBD parts HERE

As many of our good friends do, Coby extended an awesome special to our Wide Open Radio listeners. He is offering 10% off all plastic body parts with the purchase of any rear end, purchased on or before Friday November 27, 2015 (Black Friday). You must mention you heard about this deal on Wide Open Radio! For details, rules and regulations on this sale, stay tuned for our next blog post coming later tonight!

Last but not least, we recapped The Great Teddy Bear Run in Sarasota Florida which happened on Sunday Nov. 15, 2015. To be fair, this event deserves it’s own separate article, so be on the lookout for that blog post; COMING SOON!

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